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We Add Picture Fun to Your Event!

Let your guests quickly capture and share the candid moments that make your event... well, fun! All in one place and without complication. From most any mobile phone or tablet.

There's no software or app to install. Guests can upload pictures almost anywhere via Wi-Fi and MMS picture texting to a private gallery. Pictures can be viewed, downloaded or tagged with social media with just a click. Better yet, use our slideshow feature in place of an event photographer to deliver those special moments to a live wall display.

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Photo Sharing Done Differently


Smartphone or Not

Post photos via Wi-Fi, Hashtags or older phones with a Text Message

Picture Approval

Enable content review to avoid an unwanted photo or awkward moment

Live Slideshows

Enjoy viewing posted pictures on a live wall display during your event

Cloud Downloads

Collect and distribute photos during or after event in one click