Do I have to sign up to interact with your website?

  • No, but you will only be able to view photo content. Guests that either create an account or use a social media service to log into GiggleSHARE.com are allowed to post comments, message other members, download photos and share with social media.


How is GiggleSHARE different from other social media sites?

  • The service is designed around your event. Guests do not need any special software or clumsy passwords. Capture a moment with your phone and then send it to the phone number assigned to your event. That's it! We like to think our photo-sharing system is simply the easiest way to share smiles. All images for your event are gathered into one gallery that users can browse online, and it's possible your host can display the live slideshow of images on a television or projector.


Can an 'Event Marshall' help me have better gallery photos?

  • An event can have pictures coming from a variety of sources. Unfortunately, what some find humorous may not be received as well by others. That's why we allow you to designate an Event Marshall at no cost. That user will have the ability to mark content as objectionable and disallow it from appearing in either the live slideshow or in the gallery. And even once the photos are approved, an Event Marshall can quickly disapprove items directly from the gallery:


Do I have to be at the event to share a photo?

  • Of course not! GiggleSHARE lets people from anywhere-- a relative who isn't on social media, a friend who missed a flight, a college roommate selfie --share a memory live with your event. It's an easy way to gather those special moments all in one place.


How long is the gallery available online and what happens to those photos?

  • Public galleries can be viewed at GiggleSHARE.com until the day after your event. For guests that have sent in photos they will have the links to continue to view the photos for about 30-days. We do this for your privacy. All of the collected photos at each event are made available as a cloud download to the event host and are your to do whatever you like with. After about 60-days our system will automatically remove your event and photos from our system.

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