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We Add Picture Fun to Your Event!

Many of us are active shutterbugs with our smartphones. Even non-smartphone users can usually snap a picture. Think of all the candid and behind-the-scenes moments you guests will capture before and after your event. Sure, those pictures can be posted online to any of the many social media sites, but is it really likely all of your guests will have access? GiggleSHARE lets your guests quickly capture and share the candid moments that make your event...well, fun!

Our website forms a semi-private or by-invitation-only community for your guests to easily interact using their cell phone cameras. We are the easiest way to share photos from all of your guests, and we make the technology work for your event in many fun ways! These are a handful of the many benefits to adding GiggleSHARE to your event:

  • Photos and comments can be posted on smartphone web browsers. We also support social media photo hashtags and picture texting.
  • Our site allows for image approval by a real person to prevent an unpleasant picture disrupting your event.
  • Interact with on-site and off-site guests that cannot be at the event in person. Weather and distance have met their match!
  • You can allow anyone to interact with your event or you can set things "by invitation only" if preferred.
  • Photos can be downloaded or posted to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others with one click.
  • All of the photos will be put into a Cloud Download File for you to keep the originals.

There's no software or app to install. Guests start by taking pictures with their cell phone as they already do. Then the pictures can be posted to GiggleSHARE a number of ways-- uploaded over wifi or grabbed from your event hashtag. For the less technical, we include a real telephone number simple text/picture messages can be sent to. Most everyone with a camera phone can now be part of your event photography!

Of course this seems great, but what else can GiggleSHARE do, you ask? At most events we partner with the local DJ or venue to send all of your approved pictures to a live TV or projector display. Guests will enjoy watching these candid shots appearing in real-time during your event. We also partner with some professional photographers and photobooth operators to collect and display these photos too.

GiggleSHARE is simple and fun. Give your guests another way to really be a part of your event. It will likely keep them talking about your event for a long time.


For more information about how to host an event with GiggleSHARE, please visit www.GiggleSHARE.com/hosting or drop us a note at eventmaster@giggleshare.com. Thank you so much for your interest in our services and we hope to share the laughter with you soon!


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